The Art of Spontaneity

From The Good Life April 2006


Manifested of natural impulse or desire, not forced or compelled, or planned before, a spontaneous act or thought comes entirely from within ones-self. All great artists have it, human kind honours and desires it - the gift of pure self expression. What is self expression and art if not an act of 'spontaneity'.

So, how do we mere mortals learn the art of spontaneity that we may express our own innermost creativity? First of all you must choose an activity that allows for creative self-expression, secondly, understand that technical ability or workmanship even to the highest standard doesn't make a true artist, and thirdly surrender and open yourself to your own inner forces.

My chosen art is BellyDance (the exotic dance of the ancient east) that in it's highest form allows endless room for self-expression. As a teacher and performer I have developed a style that all but rejects choreography in favour of free form expression.

The thousands of BellyDance moves take years to master, but they are not the dance, they are but the vocabulary from which my students will weave their magic. I teach these moves free of the imprinting of choreography so that my students are able to fully open themselves to expressions generated entirely from within in response to the external energy of music and environment.

Choreography in BellyDance although possessed of expert workmanship can never have the great feeling and magic of spontaneous artistic self-expression.

My dream for my students is that they become imbued in the art of spontaneity so that they may experience the ultimate art and soul of BellyDance reflecting every moment of their journey.   Life's magical tour!

The Goddess Lives.




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