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From The Good Life April 2007


In dance it's natural for the mind to search the senses to direct the movement, but beyond the five senses there is another world, that of the sixth sense, the so called third eye. That aspect of the self, the soul, is not activated by, or responsive to, external or internal sensory stimulation.

You can enter this space when you master the art and soul of bellydance. As the master dances, the shape and movements reflect the music and environment because she is imbued with great skill and sensitivity, but within these movements is the mysterious presence of a spontaneous outpouring of 'art and soul' - the golden jewel of bellydance.

I realised the other day that I've been performing and teaching on the Mornington Peninsula for over ten years and my passion to continue my bellydance journey and teach is stronger than ever.

As I danced away as a child, I would daydream that one day I would live my life as a dancer among the people. Thankyou so much to my past and present students who have supported me to bring this dream to a reality, I so love what I do - may your magic continue also.

To all those who have experienced my classes or are thinking of coming, I'd like to say that, although you may never choose to aspire to the heights of the dance as described above, a bellydance journey itself is fantastic. This ancient dance holds sacred truth for women to experience directly and privately, it survives because it unveils deep secrets of what it is to be a woman - perhaps even more relevant to today's woman.

My classes mirror my belief that bellydance belongs to all women so they are mixed, with all age groups, non-competitive and friendly. Most classes are casual to reflect the reality of the busy lifestyles of most of my students who for this reason can't always come every week. Although authentic middle eastern dance (ie without boring choreography) is a challenge to learn that requires dedication, my beginner classes are designed to be FUN, FUN, FUN! I aim to break down the barriers, melt away inhibitions, so creating a relaxed and totally enjoyable learning experience. Ooh the unbelievable magic nights we have had in my candlelit temple studios!!

Dance for life!

The Goddess Lives, Siri


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