The return of the Goddess

From The Good Life April 2005


As women enter the new millennium there is a growing understanding that their future advancement will not only come from changes to society but importantly from changes within themselves and between themselves.

Western women yearn to rediscover the art of true female power, the missing jewel in the crown of woman's liberation. In ancient Egypt, Sparta and India, way before the rise of the great religions of Christianity, Islam and Hinduism there were times when women were honoured. They held positions of power within their communities, owned property and received respect. Progressively, with the rise of civilization a dark cloud heralding a decline for women swept the earth. In secret and sacred movements, the women of these times in the East and Middle East kept the Goddess alive in their dance of life.

Today still hidden within the ancient art and soul of BellyDance is her spirit. The longing women feel in silence of the night is her whisper "awaken sleeping goddess I'm calling you". Worldwide millions of women are answering this call and entering the golden gateway to begin their personal journey through dance to re-unite with the all-powerful true, energy force of women.

BellyDance is the great connector of women who with no social boundaries come together to share in the enjoyment, vitality, self expression and confidence it promotes. There is a freeing of inhibitions as the journey unfolds that gives women the desire to take their space and shine. Courageous women of the last two centuries have freed western women politically and economically - paving the way for the return of the Goddess and the restoring of the harmony of the male and female energies in our society.

My magical life, as a BellyDancer has inspired me to teach the art and the way of the Goddess, so that women through dance can bring balance home to their female body and reflect the power, passion, grace and humanity of their true nature in their life and relationships. The Goddess lives.
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