Empowerment of Women

From The Good Life August 2005


Today there's a lot spoken about reinventing yourself. I prefer, rediscovering yourself. Deep inside every woman there's a hidden power carried from the primal past, not to be confused with intellectual prowess or any technique about assertiveness. I mean" pure female energy", goddess power, when a woman has but to gently move or cast a glance to evoke It.

A woman is a unique entity in the universe. When she is in her natural state she's a perfect complement to her male counterpart, not "just" equal, she's distinct. "Woman is woman", there is no comparison. Describing her goddess power is useless, it has to be experienced, nurtured and honoured before it can be outwardly expressed.

I teach the ancient art and soul of BellyDance "the golden gateway" to the hidden world of the goddess. I watch them - their bodies swaying and turning, undulating to the breath of the music, pulsating to the heartbeat of the universe, moving only as a woman can. Nothing expresses pure feminine energy more completely, and the body, mind and soul respond, becoming more aware, more alive with passion for life.

They find a sacred rhythm, waiting to be unleashed. Soon they fall into the awareness that their female bodies are perfectly attuned to move in these ways, it's natural. They have begun a journey that can only take them one way, deeper and deeper into the rediscovery of the force of woman.

This empowerment cannot be mimicked. You cannot pretend to be this way or that, you'll not even know who you are. Following your true nature is the only way. You are woman' What else can you be, unless something false. It's easy in our society, so caught up in image and intellectual game play to become a stereotype and never truly express or completely experience yourself. Use your intelligence as a tool to adapt to your environment and express your being.

Although your ego strongly attaches to the mind, it's not you. Don't let your ego take your soul' Centre yourself, honour your temple body and enjoy the journey of being a woman.   The Goddess lives.


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