Body Talk

From The Good Life August 2006


I've always been passionate about learning what our body needs to retain or reclaim a youthful, healthy and vital state.

Our enjoyment of life depends so much on how successful we are at achieving this. One thing's for certain, everything we do and experience is reflected in our body, there is no escape. Every magazine we pick up is full of advice on diet, healthy lifestyles, the importance of drinking water, exercise etc, etc. So we all know what we should be doing. The intriguing question is - why do so many people simply not look after their bodies or even choose to engage in harmful practices like smoking or overeating? The thing is, it's not easy being human. We live in a world of immense complexity and stress where we all compete for place, space, love and success, and it doesn't always go well!

Life's disappointments, hurts and pain are carried also in the body constantly affecting energy flow and our ability to positively and effectively respond in ways that make things better not worse. I was once confronted with such a challenge, I found myself suddenly alone with a toddler and a baby, in a new country, no family and with little resources.   I realised that for someone in my situation the world can just leave you behind.

Although broken-hearted, I resolved that, "wild horses wouldn't stop me and my babies finding a great life".

With this focus, after months of heartache, I went on a "body quest" to reclaim my vitality of spirit. I chose to immerse myself in my childhood joy - BellyDancing. And it worked!

Dancing every day this refocus on the body soon reactivated my mind, body and spirit connection restoring positive energy to redirect my life. I found myself in Egypt dancing with the Masters absorbing the essence of the people and culture into my dance of life, which I now with a passion, teach to others.

Your body is talking to you. Are you listening? Unblocking and freeing the flow of energy in the body through BellyDance movement can be the beginning of a new body awareness where you can recognise when things are not right and do something about it. BellyDance is a never-ending journey of self-discovery continually cleansing the body. Dance from your sacred heart and let yourself be moved by your own essence of truth.

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