Sacred Journey

From The Good Life December 2005


Hi, to all women who don't know me, I'm Peninsula BellyBancer, Siri. Over the coming issues, join me beneath the veil and discover the mystical world of BellyDance. It can offer a new dimension to your life and if you are open, awaken 'goddess power'. For many women, including myself, a life exploring this ancient dance becomes a sacred journey. I call all women to join me! The rediscovery of BellyDance is a worldwide phenomenon. Undeniably because it promotes fitness, vitality, confidence, expression and wellbeing, but also it's the regular witnessing of the empowerment of woman that inspires me on my quest to teach and perform this brilliant ancient dance. I see awakened women take this power and passion into all aspects of their lives - some of the changes are nothing short of amazing.

"Attracted, she begins by enrolling in a beginner's class, not really knowing what to expect. Regardless of her age or body shape, regular BellyDancing soon has her feeling like a woman, more sensual, sexy and beautiful than ever before. Even the way she walks, moves and dresses is affected. It's like a new beginning. She ventures out into a new and bolder world of feminine expression, her body, mind and soul nurtured by the rhythmic, undulating and sensuous movements driven by the alluring and powerful middle eastern music.

Many begin to learn that this isn't just a dance of the ego. It's also the dance of the soul. For them a journey deep inside has begun. With this realization, slowly, as they develop their skill and overcome inhibitions, a deep sense of power and grace is perceived in one day, quiet naturally they are able to 'just let go' of personal fear. It's this freedom from fear that ultimately empowers and awakens what I call the 'Dancing Goddess'. The Goddess Lives!

Through faces of time, swirling, swaying she moves through the universe with magical sand in her everlasting hand, dancing in the moonlight, shining wherever she can.

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