Colours of the Soul

From The Good Life December 2005


At some point we all realize that we need balance. Just when we almost feel we're getting it all together, often that's when things start to unravel and out plan falls apart. Something's wrong because something's missing - balance - there needs to be a harmony integrating the activities, expressions and dreams we choose at any particular time, and this balance needs to be our balance to fit the colours of our soul.

All of us feel the pressure that external realities exert on our lives, often these demands seem to dictate almost everything we do and take up most at our time and energy. Don't worry, even amid this turmoil you can find your balance.   A great way to start is to become aware that there is a natural rhythm in all things.

When you slip into that stream you'll find that every activity has its own magic. But, you'll need to find your rhythm. For women BellyDance can unveil the universal rhythm of life. The music stimulates the mind and senses to move the body into the direct experience of rhythm, awakening the secret knowledge that every woman carries from her ancient past.

The unpredictability of Middle Eastern music with its everchanging patterns can take you on a timeless journey that ignites this unique perception and expression of rhythm within yourself. Once experienced it can touch every aspect of your life, lighting the flame of passion at the deepest level, bringing balance home not only to your temple body but also to your spirit - like the music, ever changing, moving and transforming the colours of the soul.

The Goddess Lives.



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