The Rhythm of Egypt

From The Good Life February 2005

Egypt has given us the Golden Chariot of Eastern Magic wrapped in mystery of its ancient past. My time in Cairo brought me face to face with this primal force still rippling through the veil of time. All BellyDancer's dream of going to Egypt hoping they may be touched by the spirit of this wonderful dance among its people and places of antiquity.

Egypt emanates a unique 'feeling' that pervades everything you see, touch and smell. From the outside there is a type of chaos in the energy of the streets but as you enter this stream you are overwhelmed by the graceful, yet intense, flow of the people. Everywhere they are grouped in animated communication, no pretence, in their flashing emotions and banter, waving hands and gestures. Underlying it all an unmistakable vibrant celebration of life, rhythm all around. At one moment in a marketplace I remember being so captured, that my perception of the crowd seemed to move in slow motion. I suddenly realized that THIS is the rhythm of their music, THIS is the feeling in their dance.

I couldn't help but be deeply moved by the hardship of the people, yet their generous display of community and belonging will inspire and uplift me always. I've taken this essence into my soul, dance and teaching.

Western women are now flocking in droves to learn BellyDance. I genuinely feel that women are entering a new phase. They want revived spirit and vitality and they want to feel good about themselves, regardless of their age, body shape or appearance. They want to be 'brought back to life' and experience complete awareness of their entire being.

BellyDance is a journey of the soul through the medium of the body that stimulates the primal energy and passion for life. If you are willing to surrender control and just let go, you may find the Golden Doorway of Egypt and enter a whole new world in the art and soul of BellyDance. You will be graceful, artistic and more beautiful than ever, dancing away your cares to mystical music. All women can find their dancing goddess and bring balance home to their temple body.

The Goddess lives.