Enchanted BellyDance

From The Good Life February 2007


The world of magic doesn't just belong to children. Step aside from everyday life and enter the enchanted world of The Dancing Goddess.


"She moves through the universe
with magical sand in her everlasting hand,
Dancing in moonlight - shining wherever she can.
She sets sail for her place in the stars,
her mouth golden with stardust, dripping pure gold
melting into the universe, she cries out as she goes,
I will not be cold, I will not be told,
for I shall rise out of the depths of my heart
to be the sunshine and light up a world
mesmerised by its own reflection of soul."


This romantic notion of the dance EXISTS to me and a huge number of others, we experience its reality, mirrored as an attitude of the mind and a condition of the soul. BellyDancing is a magical space that you can enter, however, you have to open yourself to it, otherwise it's just a bunch of movements that will be of little relevance to your life.

As a BellyDance teacher dedicated to the art and soul of the dance, I've created a mystical environment, so that as my students leave their shoes at the door, they enter the sacred world of my goddess temple where magic is possible. I encourage them to take the sacred journey of this ancient dance into their hearts and souls. The mystical dancer becomes the great "dancer of life." You'll marvel at your body's capacity to express artistic form, confidence, humility and strength will be yours. Confidence is not arrogance, humility is not meekness, strength is not assertiveness, these elevated states of being are really the natural attributes of simply being "real" letting down the barriers and baring the soul. Evoked by the mysterious Middle Eastern music the fusion of art and freedom unleash an ecstatic melting pot of treasures of the soul, the dance of gold and silver. The arms and torso reaching towards the heavens - "the silver," and the hips firmly drawn to the earth, grounding us - "the gold".

We are creatures of the earth and the heavens, the body and the soul. The dance unites these powerful forces bringing balance and magic home to our sacred being.

The Goddess Lives, Siri



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