The Enchantress

Mornington Life issue #4 Autumn 09

Enter the realm of the Goddess, a world filled with wonder and enchantment. A land of dancing queens and gypsy souls. As you begin 'the journey' of the most ancient dance on earth you become open to new possibilities, new dreams of yourself as a woman. BellyDance was created for women by women and through the ages has transformed women into living goddesses awakened to their mystical nature. This rhythmic dance flows to the heartbeat of feminine essence, calling all women to take their rightful place as magical, sensual beings.

Today women too often feel compelled to assume male behaviour patterns in order to be taken seriously in the workplace and society in general, becoming what I call shadow men, surrendering their golden gift of femininity. Step into the light and discover that the true nature of woman is the most powerful force in the universe, the giver of life itself.

Dance, dance, dance, for better health, inner wellness, and a more integrated self. Discover through BellyDance the art and soul of movement in sync with the rhythm of the universe and connect with the divine goddess within.

Don't mistake this ancient art with inferior, pretend, look-alikes that distort BellyDance, insulting the sacredness of this beautiful, timeless craft. BellyDance is not alternative, new age or hippy and certainly not a fad, it's been here for thousands of years and it will be here when we're gone. Like no other dance form, it stands alone in its unique benefits for women, it's a personal journey.

Choose your teacher wisely for her passion of soul to enlighten and teach, for her willingness to fully pass on the depth of her knowledge of the sacred movements and her desire to encourage her students to unleash their own unique blend of femininity, so that your BellyDance experience will be nights to treasure. BellyDance, the dance of the infinite beauty, answering the deepest call of women.

The Goddess lives.  


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