with the dancing goddess

Mornington Life issue #6 Spring 09

Siri, “BellyDance can be a gateway for those seeking to connect with their inner soul and reinvigorate their life. Come with me on a journey through one of my poems and discover if it has a hidden message for you.”

Secret Labyrinth.

Sweet fragrance in midnight snow
Starlight blesses you in night
For when you awake
Sacred Birthday rites breathes
new insight
Into your soul and the dance begins
The dance begins over and over
Til the dawn of rhythm is awakened
External force, flame in the darkness
Evolution is the Goddess way
Revolution of the soul calling
In her sight, symbolism dissolves
into vapours
That melt into the night
Flying back towards the light
New birth behind hidden death
Transformed from broken wings
Of cutting glass
She spoke, I will be here through echoes of time
Sleeping pastures grow wild flowers
Of my heart
Mirror moon is my womb
And sister to the dark one
Holy is thy name
Sacred is thy path
Trampled flowers grow wild
In secret places

The Goddess lives.    

 - Siri



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