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Belly Dance Classes


Siri's Teaching Style


Siri has been professionally performing and teaching BellyDance for 12 years, this has been her sole occupation.   She was extensively trained in the 'art' of Middle Eastern dance by authentic Egyptian teacher, Marie Antaneo, to whom Siri is forever thankful.   Siri has also trained in Cairo with many leading Egyptian and Middle Eastern dancers including internationally famous Dina, Raqia Hassan, Souther Zaki and many, many more.

Siri's firm belief is that 'authentic BellyDance' is not just a series of put together movements but rather dance response to music and environment where it becomes a spontaneous expression of the dancer's innermost being.   Accordingly choreography can never be the highest form of this dance, regardless of the level of the dancer's skill.   Choreography and regimented teaching routines can be so firmly imprinted in the mind that it often has the negative effect of suppressing or over-riding the free flowing natural energy and rhythm which brings the spontaneous dance to life.

This understanding is reflected in Siri's unique and natural teaching style where she rejects choreography, preferring to guide her students on their personal quest to unveil their own authentic dance - the dance of the soul.   Siri teaches the complete vocabulary of Middle Eastern Dance Movement in a NON competitive, yet stimulating environment.



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