The Warrior Goddess

From The Good Life October 2005


A great privilege about being a belly-dance teacher is that I have a rare insight into a special breed of today's women, "The Modern Goddess". My students come from all walks of life, they're women of all ages, body shapes and racial backgrounds who have a powerful connection.

They're all on a quest to get excited about being themselves! Specifically about being a woman. They are the changing face of women living in a dynamic time where it is possible for them to take their rightful place.

These women aren't radical, they just don't want to be defined by a society still clinging to the garbage of persisting attitudes and energies oppressive to women. For them BellyDance is a pathway to break free and express their feminine nature in a supportive environment.

In my temple studio I have created such a place, full of good energy. By candlelight, infused with incense my students and I take a golden journey of self-discovery unlocking the secrets of millenniums of goddess power. Dancing to mystical rhythms the serpentine movements awaken at the deepest level the understanding that within them is the eternal flame of woman.

As their skill and confidence develops many want to unleash their BellyDance magic in performance.

Whether it be in public or for the enjoyment of friends and family, meeting this challenge helps them realise that they also have the power to confront and change their circumstances. In their daily lives as they come face to face with those who would spoil their newfound passion for life the "Warrior Goddess" emerges, giving them the courage to silently say, with no anger or malice "Get out of my face I'm coming through".

The time is now for every woman to realise their unique potential and truly support each other's right to self expression. "We the women living in an enlightened time will shape our own destiny

The Goddess Lives.


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